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About Us

Menjong Foundation is a non-profit organization working for the purpose of helping and inspiring hopes with a new approach to meet the needs of poor people living in the remote areas of Bhutan. The foundation’s work is an act of generosity or a secular act of public service motivated by compassion with no motive for profit.

Bhutan is on the belief that the primary purpose of development is to achieve Gross National Happiness and thus, Menjong Foundation takes this collective responsibility to ensure that our nation remains true to this philosophy with our ambitious objectives which supplements and complements the four pillars of Gross National Happiness.

Despite the establishment of pro-poor development strategy of the government and other foundations, small rural areas and communities still lack medical services, schooling necessities and socio-economic development aspects. Hence, the Menjong Foundation is established in 2011 to make difference in the lives of individuals and communities, to contribute to equitable and sustainable development, good governance, and also to help preservation of culture, tradition, nature and the environment in Bhutan.

Board of Directors


Towards “Collective good motivation and meaningful work for the benefit of others”


Menjong Foundation strives towards ensuring quality services for all the underprivileged children and communities through appropriate intervention as to enable them and to equally contribute towards socio economic development of the country.


To initiate, intervene, guiding and educational support, programs and activities for the uplifting of overall wellbeing of economically marginalized children and communities in Bhutan through the lens of compassionate practices.

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