“Collective good motivation and meaningful work for the benefit of others”

Meaning of the LOGO

From the folded hands of the Medicine Buddha, rays of wisdom light shines in all direction to the people who are in need.

The healing plant that grows between the half open folded hands like the lotus blossoming represents the compassion of the Medicine Buddha that is spread to the entire region of Bhutan; which is also filled with Medicine Plants.

The colors of the hands of the Medicine Buddha are yellow and orange symbolizing the wisdom and compassion of the healing Buddha and meant for the Bhutanese people, through which their spiritual and material thirst will be quenched under the grace and blessings of the Sangay Menlha, the Enlightened Buddha.

Lunch to the Chendebji CPS
Annual Report 2012-2014
My dear friends,  I would like to welcome all of you to the website of the non-profit registered Public Benefit Organizations (PBO) for the kingdom of Bhutan e.V.
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