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From the Founder

Dear Friends,

Menjong Foundation is a registered member of the Civil Society Organization of Bhutan; which is nonprofit and nongovernmental organization setup to bring positive changes in the lives of the people, living in the remote areas of Bhutan. Our focus is on proper education, single mothers to be able to raise their children with dignity, provide warm nutritious meal to schools and clean drinking water to schools as well as to the communities and protection of our culture and evnvironment. With these goal in mind, we keep on encouraging people around the world to come together for a very meaningful purpose. Let the people live happily in their own country, without having to migrate somewhere else in the world searching for happiness. There are so many generous people around the world looking for possibility to invest to a transparent, meaningful and sustainable project. Menjong Foundation has all these qualities and our vision is to find these generous people and connect them with variuos projects of our Foundation to inspire and educate the poor people for a better world.

We thank you for every bit of contribution that you have made for our Foundation and let us think and work together to show our generosity and compassion for those who are really in need.

Thank you and Tashi Delek

Khenpo Phub Yeshi ( Know About the Founder )

Executive Director

Our Programmes

Education Support

  • Provide Scholarships
  • Provide Stationeries
  • Provide warm meal to the poor childrens
  • Provide uniforms, shoes, etc..

Provide Health Care

  • Support needy patients
  • Facilitate access to medical services

Environment Protection

  • Waste management awareness
  • Cheaning campaign
  • Tree plantations

Preserve Culture & Religion

  • Train young people to have values
  • Raise funds for the restoration of important culture heritage after any natural disaster
  • Organize events in communities and villages to help revitalize and to protect loss of any ancient village traditions and culture

Socio Economic Development

  • Provide technical skills to rural people
  • Provide shelter by building price worth houses for the homeless
  • Provide clean drinking water by setting up water tank

Activities carried out by Menjong Foundation

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