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Continued providing free lunch for seventy students at Chendebji Primary School under Trongsa Dzongkhag

The Foundation has decided to continue to provide every day lunch for another school year. More than the feeding, the free lunch services are initiated to inculcate many changes in many lives, the school, the community itself and the neighborhood at large. Most of the students walk for an hour or two to reach their school daily. Since their parents are simple farmers who had to start working at dawneither in their small farms or at roadside maintenance, these children are unable to get timely lunch. Therefore,Menjong Foundation has initiated the warm meal program to the students of above mentioned School these initiative remains one of our top priority. With this service in place and the positive outcome harvested by the beneficiaries, the Foundation anticipates;

  • Active participation and improved care from teachers and parents;
  • Local leaders’ role play for similar service in future – Sustainability;
  • Community Vitality – Unite communities to address certain issues;


  • Help in reducing poverty and stunted growth problems
  • Improved academic performance
  • Decreased mood swinging behavior;
  • Active participatory in whole-some-education;
  • Reduced parents’ concern/burden
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